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Apps are a part of our daily lives, all popular stores and brands have their own mobile app to interact with their audience and customers and to raise brand awareness. And you too can grow your business by building an app!
Building apps can be time-consuming and expensive, but with AppMachine you can create no-code apps in the simplest way possible. It’s affordable, easy and a must-have to increase your online presence.

AppMachine makes great software that allows everyone to build amazing apps. Our software empowers you to build web apps or native apps for iPhone and Android. Build an app for your own company, or use our software to serve the needs of your customers. AppMachine makes the creation of high-quality apps easy and affordable. The technology is available for everyone.

So start now and create your free app with AppMachine!

Why do you need to build an app?

First, let us explain to you the benefits of building your own app. The advantages of apps are versatile, from consumer retention to extra revenue.

Your customers use mobile apps

The most important and consistent trend over the years has been mobile presence. People almost exclusively use their smartphones to purchase, pay, play, work, learn and communicate. Consumers have switched from desktop to mobile and from browsers to apps. So whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, or wellness center, you should create an app because customers prefer mobile apps.

The average American already spends more than 5 hours on a mobile device and consumers spend over 4 hours of that in apps. In Sweden, apps have become the preferred shopping channel of mobile buyers (41% app, 36% browser).
Mobile apps have more potential for small businesses when it comes to marketing and customer loyalty and, therefore, are a good way to increase revenue.

Build an app to increase loyalty and revenue?

When you build an app the company’s logo or app icon is clearly visible on the smartphone screen so you are only one tap away from interaction and user engagement.

SMBs with mobile apps don’t wait for visitors to come to their website; they interact with their users. Does a website see it when an app user is in the neighborhood? Can a website send that user a Geo-based push message with a special offer? Apps can. With an app, you can send anyone in a specific area a message that you have a special sales afternoon. Or you could offer guests a free coffee if they stop by your shop. These are all advantages of building a free app with AppMachine.

By creating an app you will also have the company’s social media in one place, nicely designed in the corporate style, without the competition of other Facebook posts or tweets. You’ll get maximum attention.

Any company, from hairdressers to wellness spas can have an in-app customer loyalty card with an attractive savings program. There is no need for separate cards or stamps. All app owners can set up their own savings program within minutes. Your app is a great way to get more returning visitors or frequent guests. Or offer discount coupons in your app. 

Another reason to build an app is online shopping is done in apps just as much as on desktop, and app usage for shopping is increasing every year. Mobile apps can process transactions completely including several payment methods and the choice between pickup or delivery. Creating an app for your business will result in a great all-in-one tool for promotion, purchase, and pay.

Why do people prefer apps?

People prefer apps over responsive websites because apps are easier to open and the mobile user experience is way better. Apps can have several functions and features: call direct, information, news, sales channel, product videos, direct booking forms, communicate with push notifications, and lead visitors with sat navigation to a location (shop, restaurant or event). When you make an app you can also use native phone features such as the camera to scan QR codes or upload photos.

Apps present specific information for selected audiences

Where a website mostly mentions all, mobile apps can be used to deliver specific information to selected audiences. Apps for schools, colleges, or universities can limit their content to student-related info such as library opening hours, important announcements, or a change in the program. If you have a yoga school, your free app can present exercises in a visually attractive way with spoken instructions. With AppMachine you can even build an app that unlocks certain information for selected users with an authorization level, password, QR code, or GPS location.

Competitors will have an app

One of these days, your competitor will have an app. And what will the consumer do? Just check his smartphone and have it all in a glance? Or open a browser, search the URL, wait for a connection and try to find his way in an overwhelming amount of information on a website?

Apps help SMBs to stay ahead of their competitors. Show the world you are a 2021 business by having an awesome-looking app, just a tap away from your (potential) customers. Always be one tap ahead! So don’t wait any longer and make an app with AppMachine.

Before you start creating an app
Before you start creating an app, you should make a plan about how to make your app successful. We’re here to help you out with these 7 useful tips!


Make the app unique

In the PlayStore and Apple App Store, you will find millions of apps ready to be downloaded. This can be overwhelming for a new app creator (and even for someone who has been doing this for years). All this competition can make it challenging to create an app that stands out and is profitable.

This is why it is so important to start with a unique app idea. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or create something that has never been done before. But make sure you give your own spin on it. Or make it look smoother and more polished than any other app.

The more you stand out, the better. This will make it easier to sell your app to a wider audience. And to convince potential app users they need your app more than any other. Even if they already have a similar app on their device.


Make the app simple

While you want to create the most outstanding, unique, and awesome app, you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t overcomplicate it. Creating an app that is too complicated to use or has an interface that is hard to work with will put off potential app users.

Users should instantly understand what the app does and therefore directly want to download it. So go all out, but also keep it simple.


Make the app user-friendly

As mentioned above, you should create an app that users know how to use. A simple, easy-to-use interface is really important. It won’t matter how nice your app looks or how unique it is if app users can’t figure out how to use it.

Whether your target users are technically advanced or not at all, make sure they can easily and quickly find everything that they need in the app.


Make the app problem solving

Try to create an app that solves a common problem. If your app offers a solution for a problem that many people have, you’re guaranteed to get more downloads and therefore more profit.

Research the most common problems people run into or think of problems you would like to solve and come up with a fitting solution in app form!


Name the app

The first thing users see, before even downloading the app, is the name. This is your first impression on potential users and the first chance you have to attract downloads.

Just like your app, your name should be unique, simple, and straightforward. Try to choose a name that will give some indication of what your app does but is also easy to remember, pronounce and spell. This way users can tell their family and friends all about your awesome app!


Test the app

Now, we know that you’re excited, you just created an awesome app with a great name and you just want to go public with it. But before you do this, you should really run some tests. Almost all new apps have bugs that need to be found and fixed. Or functions that just don’t quite perform as they should. To find these issues before going public, let someone close to you check the app like a normal user would and report back on what they find. This way your first launch will be so much more successful.


Adjust the app

Now you have launched your app and it went great, it’s being downloaded by many users and feedback is coming in. To keep your app profitable, continue to improve it and make changes where and when needed.

Make sure you catch up on feedback and update your app so it doesn’t become outdated. This will keep your currency users coming back and new users coming in!

How to create an app with AppMachine

After making a plan for creating an app, you are now ready to build your own app. After creating an account at AppMachine you can get started right away with building your app. Experiment! Discover everything that AppMachine has to offer. Building an app with AppMachine is free, easy, and fun and your app will look amazing.
When you log in to your AppMachine account we take you to your App Dashboard.

Your App Dashboard shows you an overview of your apps and demo apps which we’ve placed there for inspiration. 

Create a new app by, as you’ve probably guessed by now, clicking on the “+ New App” button in the top left corner of your App Dashboard. This will lead you to the App Onboarding, which will guide you through the first steps of creating your app.

Scan your (or your client’s) website to collect images and data sources (like Facebook and Twitter) to potentially include in your app

Select a Skin for your app. Each skin comes with a unique look and feel to create a beautiful app. You’re not limited to the settings found in a skin. You can choose one that comes close and edit it to your desired specifications or start building from the ground up.

Your app will now be created. You can start adding content!

Creating an app made easy

Our special AppMachine Previewer app for Android lets you view your app while you are building it. You can download the App Previewer by scanning the QR code or opening this link on your Android smartphone. An iOS simulator is available on the AppMachine platform. 

Making your own app is easy with AppMachine software! The first step is to crawl your website, the second step is to fill your app with content that’s already available on the internet: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and to decide what else you want to show in your app.

If you don’t have any live data to download, or if you’d rather update your data yourself, just use AppMachine’s CMS. It lets you update photos, product information, colleague and team data, POIs, or any other text. The app then displays the information you entered using the CMS.

When you make changes you can push these right to the app once it’s been published.

App Features
We have built over 35 pre-coded blocks for you, making it super easy to build your app. This means you can build an app with no code whatsoever. Take a look at all the blocks in the AppMachine Designer by clicking on add block. Or continue reading to find out more about our key features.


The Coupons block allows retailers and shop owners to discount specials with a coupon in the app. App users can open coupons in the app and redeem them at shops. The coupons can also be set to be available via email. This means users need to enter their email address in order to receive a redeemable coupon.  

You should create an app with the coupon block because coupons can help introduce new products and can encourage customers to try a new product or service. Coupons can also persuade existing customers to come back to your store.

Loyalty Card

The loyalty card allows retailers and shop owners to award credits to loyal customers and offer them redeemable discounts and specials based on these points. Customers will be given a unique QR code that is scannable by the shop owner on his device. Every scan will award the customer a number of credits that will earn them deals determined by the app owner. Loyal customers are more likely to repurchase, refer more, and try a new offering


Play music directly in your app. The music you feature in this block can be pulled from several sources (like SoundCloud or a Media-RSS feed) or linked to the AppMachine CMS via URL. The audio files the music player accepts are either AAC-LC audio (up to 48 kHz) or mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 up to 48 kHz). This includes the following extensions: mp3, m4a, m4b, m4p, m4v, m4r, 3gp, mp4, and aac.

The user can listen to the music even after exiting the app.  It is also possible to use the “Music” block for podcasts.

Custom JavaScript

To build your own functionality using our JavaScript block and SDK we wanted to give you the possibility to write your code in your favorite IDE and publish it to your app with zero effort. To do so we are using NPM (Node Package Modules) and Grunt (JavaScript Task Runner).

QR Scanner

This block can be used to let users scan QR Codes from within your app. Based on the information stored in the QR Code the appropriate action will be taken. E.g. When a phone number is present in the QR Code the user will be asked if they want to call the specified phone number.

The QR Scanner will keep track of scanned QR Codes so users can review their scanning history.


Display a list of events you have organized and let app users know when, where, and how to reach your event. You see the name of the event, a description, and the date that the event takes place. On iOS devices, the list is automatically divided into two groups; one that displays upcoming events and one that displays past events


Sell products via your app using Paypal or allow customers to pay Cash on Delivery (COD). Link the Checkout block to a Products, Excel, or Web Services block where you have listed all the products and their prices. To receive payment for the items you sell via the app using PayPal you will need a PayPal account. More information about creating a PayPal account is available at

As soon as you put the Checkout block in your app, your app users will see an “Add to Cart” button on the product detail page. Tapping on the Checkout block in the menu gives users an overview of the products that they have selected for purchase. They can then click “Checkout” to pay for these items using a credit card or Paypal.

They can add the delivery address during the PayPal payment process. You will receive the order invoice by email from PayPal.

With the cash on delivery (COD) option, customers can provide their details and pay upon receiving their ordered items.

App building made easy

You can view your app live while you are building it! Connecting your smartphone to the browser makes it even easier! While building your app you can see the changes on the screen in the AppMachine CMS, but also on your smartphone after downloading the previewer.

Plus or Pro app?

AppMachine apps come in two different flavors: Plus and Pro. Every app starts its life as a Plus app. If you want to use a feature reserved to the Pro app, you will get the option to upgrade your app. You don’t have to commit to a particular app version and price in advance, you can determine your needs as you go along.  

Designing you app

Of course, you want to build a beautiful app. When you make an app with AppMachine there are multiple ways to influence the design of your app. Changing the colors, background images, top images, and icons of your app is easy. Use the colors of your visual identity to match the app with your website or choose the colors you like the most. 

The most important part of building and designing your app is the home screen. This is the first screen people see and which they use to navigate through your app. 

With AppMachine you can build a perfect home screen in just five easy steps:

  1. Choose your color scheme. Take a good look at your website, logo or products. Choose 3 to 4 colors at the most and use them throughout the whole app. On the Internet there are websites which you can help to choose a color scheme: or
  2. Choose your Menu type/Navigation Style wisely. Please check here for more information about navigation styles.
  3. If you use icons in your menu, using your own icons is much nicer than the default icons. Upload the icons at the different building blocks.
  4. Choose your Background Image. Use a background that is not pushing itself to the foreground. If your image or photo attracts too much attention, you can use an overlay color to make it less prominent. Make sure the blocks are clearly visible. The goal is that your users can find the information in your app.
  5. A menu with few items is more visually appealing than one with many items. Use Submenu blocks to minimize the number of buttons on the home screen.

You can change the design for each individual building block. If your app requires different areas in your app with a different look and feel, you will need this functionality. It’s as easy as it looks.

Publish your app

Now you have built an app with AppMachine, you’re ready to publish your app in not one, but two app stores, for iPhone and Android.. To publish your app you have to take a few steps. It takes about 24 hours to publish for Android, and 5-10 business days for the Apple Store, just keep that in mind. You can activate your monthly or yearly subscription from the moment you are ready to publish.

You need Apple & Google Play Developers Licenses to publish your app.. Make sure you get your licenses on time, it might take a few business days.

Apple will review your app using the rules set forth in the App Store Review Guidelines. Please read the guidelines here to prevent any possible rejection of your app.

To publish your app:

  • Please fill out all information fields under the Publishing tab that are needed to publish your app. Also, add a splash screen and read this article with 11 tips to create an app icon.
  • Make sure that all blocks and views in your app feature some kind of content.
Publishing with AppMachine
Tips to update and promote your app
Once your app is published you really want to keep your app’s users up to date with the latest information. But how can you update the app and promote it to potential users?

App Site

To help promote your app, we provide each app with an app site; a one-page website with screenshots of your app.

Special QR code

Use the special QR Code (on your app website) to share your app website and promote your app very easily! 

Live Link blocks

Use live blocks to update content automatically for free. 


Any changes made to your app in the designer will require an update. AppMachine’s subscription plans allow for unlimited updates. Read about the subscription plans here.


Use our integrated analytics to devise an update strategy for your app’s content. Check the most viewed pages and provide new content regularly to these pages to keep them updated and your users coming back for more.
5 Tools To Promote Your App
Increase your app downloads with these 5 tools to promote your app.


App store search optimization

The first place to promote your app is the app store itself. Most apps (about 65 %) are simply downloaded through a search in the Apple App Store or Google Play where millions of visitors inquisitively are searching for new apps to install on their smartphones. Your app should be one of them!

A good position on the search engine results page could give your app downloads a boost. On the other hand: apps that won’t show up in the search results will hardly get noticed. So take your app store optimization seriously and start optimizing your app for a good search results in the stores.

A specific app for a limited audience probably doesn’t need to get its downloads through a search result, but app store optimization is an indispensable marketing strategy for more general apps, just as search engine optimization is for websites. A meditation app without a proper title, description, and keywords? There’s nothing Zen about zero downloads.

There are many similarities between optimizing an app and optimizing websites for a good search result, including the use of titles, keywords, and descriptions. Apps also need good icons and attractive screenshots.


Search ads in the app store – promote your app with search ads

App store advertising (asa) takes your app promotion beyond organic search results in the app stores. With app store advertising you run your own paid advertising campaign for your app in the stores. When a user searches for a ‘meditation app’ in the app store your app shows up on top of the list.

Google introduced mobile app advertising campaigns for the Play Store in 2015 in its well-known advertising program AdWords and Apple recently launched its Search Ads for the App Store.

Search Ads is easy to start with so give it a go. Your campaign can be ready in a few clicks and there’s no minimum budget to spend. Search Ads offers precise targeting and good analytics.

With AdWords, you start a universal app campaign for the different advertising networks. Search Network is Google’s advertising program for ads in search results, including Google Play. Display Network shows ads on popular websites and YouTube has its own advertising feature. You may choose one of the networks, a combination or all to maximize your app promotion.

Remember that advertising in the app stores does not make sense without app store optimization (see tool 1 above). All advertising programs are keyword-based so you should optimize your app with the right keywords, titles, and descriptions. And for user conversion: take care of your app icons and screenshots.


 Social media advertising

Most social media have extensive advertising options that target mobile visitors who may be interested in downloading your app.

Facebook business offers the option to set up advertising campaigns for both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook reaches a large audience and is a great way to target the right people. You can choose your audience by interest, age, or location or even upload a contact list of your own customers to target. Experiment with AB testing to get the best results out of your campaign.

On Instagram, you can use several photos and videos in various ads to inspire people to download your app. Instagram also offers precise targeting options. Keep in mind that Instagram is the most visual of all social media so make sure your images meet the standards of Instagram users.

Twitter is a good option to increase your app installs. More than 80 percent of Twitter users are on mobile and, according to Twitter “they have used 24 percent more apps in the past day than the average smartphone user”.

App advertising on Twitter means using App Cards, an advertising format that allows mobile users to preview an app image, view app ratings, and install or open the app directly from their timeline.


 Website with mobile browser detection

Mobile visitors demand a fast and smooth experience. What would they prefer? A responsive website or a native smartphone app? And most likely does your app offer more than your website as apps are the more versatile communication tools. As one of our resellers clearly said: “We use our website to attract new clients, but we use our app for communication and interaction with clients.” So mobile visitors should be notified you have an app.

Use mobile browser detection to promote your app to the mobile visitors of your website and lead them to the app download page. Just add a code to your website so that mobile visitors can be redirected to your app page. You’ll find the code on the promotion tab in your app dashboard.


AppMachine promotion page

It’s free and comes with all AppMachine apps that are not white label: your own AppMachine promotion page. Use it to advertise your app among your clients. Include the link in your mail, newsletters, social media, or on your website.

Your app promotion page shows the app icon, screenshots, title, and description and offers direct download links to the app stores. You can also use the QR code for an easy app install.

How to make money with an App

Turn your app into a cash machine. Generate a great monthly income in just a few steps. Use dynamic ads with Logic, attract sponsors and discover more ways to make money with an app.


Sell your own in-app ad space

Your header image is the most prominent place in your app. Advertisers just love that striking appearance that cannot be missed by your users. Any header image in your app can be an advertisement, including a link to the advertisers’ homepage or landing page.

Sell your header images to local companies: real estate agencies, fitness clubs, and restaurants. Create special pages to service your advertisers. Each page in your app can have its own header image so the number of ads is virtually endless.
Use text ads in your body copy with a link to the advertisers’ website. Make your text ad stand out with different typography, font size, or color.


Sponsors, advertorials, special offers

Attract sponsors for your app and offer advertorials or special offers. Intensively used event apps, sports apps, or community apps can be attractive for local companies. Let sponsors pay for an article or interview in the app. Offer them to send a sponsored push message to all your users. Attention is guaranteed!
Add paid listings of recommended restaurants and not to be missed shops in your tourism or event apps.


Dynamic ads with Logic

Make more dynamic and specific ads with the Logic function in the Pro version. Logic lets you add and combine several actions in your app such as Call, Goto, Show Message or Open website.

Let’s say your app features all the restaurants in a city. With the Logic function, you let a message appear when a user taps on an item. When the user taps on Restaurant A in the list for more information the message says: ‘Order Now And Get a 25% discount’. The user can be directed to any URL you like or to the reservations area in your app. Or the user just closes the message and continues.
You can find the Logic function in our Pro block Screen.


Sell (sponsored) products

Selling products in your app is a little effort that can generate a good income. Just choose some products, add the Product block with the Checkout block and your app is a fully functional e-commerce tool including several payment methods and various options for delivery or pick up.


Sell products

No products to sell? Your sponsors or advertisers do! Add a small sponsored shop in your app and get a margin for each item sold. Do you own a golf app with great golf courses in the area? Let a golf gear sponsor open a shop in your app.

Paid app in the stores

Is your app content so valuable that users are willing to pay for it? Think of extended recipes, cooking classes, instruction movies, fitness support, or exercises? Then your app could have a paid version in the app stores.

Start building your app and making money with AppMachine!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I promote my app?

Place a QR code on your business cards, your receipts, your website, or in your printed matter. That way, your customers can download your app straight from their app store. Be sure to use AppMachine’s app site. It’s important that people know you have an interesting app.

How do I publish an app in Apple’s App Store?

Apple assesses your app according to a set of technical, content, and design criteria to make sure it works as it should and does not contain any objectionable language or material. This can take about two weeks. AppMachine submits the app and sees the process through to its approval.

As soon as the app is approved, AppMachine ensures that it is placed in the App Store. Provided the app is submitted on time, you can tell AppMachine what date you would like to see the app appear.

Can I add functionality that is not in AppMachine?

Yes. In the PRO version, you can make your own functionality with the JavaScript block. Or you can ask a third-party developer to build a feature with JavaScript.

For more information about building custom functionalities in JavaScript, please visit the JavaScript section of our Developer page.
You can also contact us, we can recommend third-party developers to you. Email

Do I get Unlimited push messages once the app is published?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of push messages you can send.

How can I change my developer name?

If you want to change the name of your developer account that is displayed in the app stores, then you can do the following.

For the Apple App Store, you will need to contact them directly. It concerns a personal account and we can’t do it for you. 

If you want to change your name in the Google Play Store: 

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Change your developer name.

How do I publish apps in the Google Store?

To submit your app to the Google PlayStore (for the Android platform) you must submit accompanying texts and screenshots. Android apps do not have to be approved. Very often, apps are available on Google Play in just a few hours. You also need a Google developer’s license to publish an app in Google Play.

Can I see my app’s statistics?

AppMachine’s Analytics page shows you how often your app has been downloaded from the various app stores. You can see your app’s ranking and the ratings that users have given it. What’s more, we monitor the use within the app. You can find out more about all the Analytics possibilities by clicking here

What does Apple pay attention to when assessing an app?

AppMachine will submit your app for approval at Apple. Apple assesses your app according to a set of technical, content, and design criteria to make sure it works as it should and does not contain any objectionable content. Apple’s rules and regulations are very strict and it’s important to follow them closely. You can read here what Apple has to say:

An app can be rejected for any number of reasons, but pay good attention to the following.If the title contains the word ‘marketing’ the app will most likely be rejected. Apps that are created specifically for the marketing and advertising industry are an absolute ‘no-go’ for Apple. What is more, AppMachine will not upload apps of this kind for you. They conflict with two of Apple’s golden rules:

  1. Apps may not be purely marketing-based. In other words, an app may not consist solely of an overview of products and services or a portfolio. Apps must have a clear function.
  2. They must contain dynamic content. Apps cannot be interesting for just one use. They must have a clear purpose so that people will want to use them more than once.

Remember: even if you think that your app isn’t breaking any of these rules, it’s Apple’s opinion that counts. If they think you’re breaking any of the golden rules, they’ll reject your app. We will keep you apprised and advise you about how to deal with these issues.